I've tried blogging many times before. It never worked out, I never made more than like two posts, and I can't even guarantee that this time it'll be different. But there are a few reasons I think it may:

  • I'm older now.
    People say age is just a number. Mostly pedophiles; meaning they're wrong. When I previously tried blogging, I was like, 12, probably. Being "an adult" now, I'd say I have more things to say.
  • I've realized my blog doesn't have to be about programming just because other programmers are unoriginal as shit.
    I could talk about many things here. Did you know I really like art? I guess I could also talk about programming.
  • I used to actively use Twitter.
    Microblogging is a type of blogging after all. Easier to maintain one blog than two, and I used to go with Twitter. I don't anymore, therefore my blog could be more successful.

Also, even though node is only for hipsters I'm using ghost and I'm hoping it'll be nice. While static blogging platforms sound great, this way I could blog from any device and any platform, even Windows! Really didn't need any more disincentives like "not having my blog setup with me".