(originally written on 13.02.2019)‪

so two days ago a friend and i knowingly had a very traumatic experience.‬

a few years ago, there was disney’s zootopia. a movie that iirc disney actively marketed to furries.

for cringe comedy’s sake, we decided to actually go see it. what if we see some irl turkish furries!! though this was nowhere near as fun as we’d hoped. the movie’s release was delayed by a few months to make it a summer holiday movie instead, and of course, when we eventually saw it, there were no furries. it was a fine movie, for a kids movie, and that was about it.

this time was different. i didn’t know what kind of shit i was getting into. look. most furries i’ve met online are good people. seeing furries irl could be funny sure but it would not be traumatic.

what we decided to see this time was, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, https://imdb.com/title/tt9448868/ like ok, we’re both kinda weebs. but neither of us are koreaboos and i don’t fucking know what i was thinking.

only a few days before all this, while i was walking with my mom, i saw this guy about my age, maybe slightly older, wearing a bts backpack. i told her that this is the type of shit she should laugh at while pointing with her finger, and obviously she did that. i explained what bts is and called it the worst of the worst; and that the backpack wearer being gay would not be a good enough excuse because he’s not younger than 16.

i simply did not know how correct i was. we went to the movie, and it was ALL teenage girls in there. some almost our age but literally all girls. the ones that were next to us asked if we were fans too,  but we politely said that “we thought it’d be funny”, and then they warned us that there will be shouting and cheering and singing along almost like we’re at a real concert. oh man. we said we were okay with it, and the concert started.

i can’t tell them apart. i’m not actively trying to be racist here but like they had colorful hair and all but even then it was hard to follow because three of the seven were shades of red. like come on. these girls can tell between them from looking at their shoulders, apparently.

there were subtitles. translation of the lyrics to english, but not a romanization. still, they could all perfectly sing along. there was also a chant that was translated as “we love you bts” but the part before bts was literally seven three-syllable words?? [this was apparently the members' names]

when they said jump, they jumped. when they said stand up, they did. there was one girl that was with her mom, whining about people treating it like a real concert. i mean yeah, clapping at the end of songs makes no sense, but let them have their fun, eh?

the music was mostly shit. it’s called k “pop”, but it’s mostly 70bpm boring shit. there was also a lot of k rap, possibly pronounced crap. there were like three songs that were somewhat fun. also apparently the only song of theirs i had heard (((from osu))) was legit the most upbeat??

what i’ve kinda-learned about kpop now is the sad fact that the korean society must be so fucked that people won’t naturally make bands with other people, but big companies have to hire people to do so. bts isn't a band. they're employees. god i hate capitalism